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 The improved low VF Schottkys(Monday, 6 August 2007)
 SGC announce the new product ˇ°Power Metal Low Ohm Chip Resistorsˇ± for DC/DC converter and current detector applications(Monday, 16 July 2007)
 SGC established the Thin Film Transistor-Liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) and Module assembly factory in China. Therefore, SGC will supply the LCM for the mobile phone and MP4 applications(Monday, 2 July 2007)
 SGC announces the high density power package ˇ°TO-126ˇ± of diode had obtained the patent from the related department both in U.S.A and China(Friday, 22 June 2007)
 Sirectifier Electronics Co., Ltd. (SECL), the marketing unit of SGC, had cooperated with Chenmko Enterprise on the small signal devices. Therefore, SECL will promote the sales of small signal product under ˇ°CHˇ± brand in Asia(Thursday, 21 June 2007)
 SGC had already developed the power module package from 300 to 400A. of Schotkky Barrier Diode for industrial application(Monday, 18 June 2007)
 The ESD Protection Function of Schottky Barrier Diode(Monday, 12 February 2007)
 PWM Controller(Monday, 12 February 2007)