1997 Sirectifier Semiconductors established in Europe.  
2000 Team up with Amertron Inc., U.S.A. and Action Integrated Asia Corp. (AIAC), Manila, Philippine in strategy for the wafer and
  assembly of discrete component.
Set up power package TO-220 and TO-247 assembly lines.

Action Integrated Asia Corp.
2001 Sirectifier Electronic Co., Ltd., established in Taipei, Taiwan.
Team up with Power Silicon Inc. (PSI), Sterling, Virginia, U.S.A.
Register and use the “SIRECT” brand.
2002 Develop planar process Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD).
Develop platinum (Pt) barrier extremely low IR Schottky Barrier Diode.


Develop chromium (Cr) barrier extremely low VF Schottky Barrier Diode.  
2005 Sirectifier Global Corp. (SGC), Delaware, U.S.A. founded and reorganized, and then become the global joint venture group of
  the power semiconductors.
Develop the patented package, “Free-wheel Diode”.

Sirectifier Electronic Co., Ltd.


Power Silicon Inc.

Lingsen Precision Industrial

2006 Develop ESD protection devices.
Develop patented, reformed isolation TO-126 package.
2007 Develop “ESD-PLUS” Schottky Barrier Diode from 6 up to 35KV.
Develop PWM Controller.
Develop low VF Schottky Barrier Diode for high efficiency application of Energy Star.
2008 Develop “By-Pass” Diode for PV junction box of Solar Cell application.
Co-operate with Lingsen Precision Industrial, Taiwan for TO-220 assembly line.
Sirectsemi Electronic Ltd. established in Shenzhen, China.
2009 Develop Mosfet “75N75” for E-bike controller application.
Set up “Halogen-Free” product lines.
Develop alloy barrier 100V and 150V Low VF Schottky Barrier Diode.
All product lines conform to REACH requirement.
2010 Sirectifier Electronic Co., Ltd. moved to new office and expanded the business and service.
2011 Develop Surface Mount Device (SMD) Schottky Barrier Diode and Fast Recovery Diode.
Develop Trench Schottky Barrier Diode.

Develop TO-277 and PQFN package of extremely low VF Schottky Barrier Diode.