SirectTM, is a leading designer and ODM/OEM service provider in the discrete power semiconductor field. The major product is power discrete device (including Diodes, Schottkys, MOSFETs, SCRs, Transistors, IGBTs, Thyristors and ESD protection devices) for the industrial, consumer, computer, telecommunication and automotive applications. It is a global joint venture group, with facilities located in America and Asia (Taiwan, Philippines and China), which function as design centers, manufacturing plants, marketing and sales offices.

Based in U.S.A. and Taiwan, the research and design company partnered with several global semiconductor suppliers of semiconductor components with the aim of developing high-density and high-efficiency power devices, and the team-up has generated a dynamic synergy that resulted in several new advancements in the assembly process, design, and packaging of power devices suitable for the advanced requirements of today¡¯s every-growing market. The main base of its manufacturing operations is in the Asian region, such as in Taiwan, China and Philippines, with factories boasting of manufacturing and assembly facilities and wafer FAB lines. The plants have positioned themselves as engineering-driven, product-oriented manufacturers and have assembly and testing process capabilities for various microelectronic packages.

To-date, several new versions of ESD Protection Devices and Low VF Trench Schottkys, to name a few, has already been designed or are currently under development in our design center. A new, compact surface mount package, called the TO-277 and PQFN, has also been jointly developed. The high density power package design enables Sirect to produce high-power, low forward voltage drop, low thermal resistance, high-average forward rectified current devices in a low and thin outline ideal for miniaturized design of power management.